I don’t have any curtains at the moment so every morning the light brings me kicking and screaming back into waking life. It’s still strange having no-one to share my bed with. Those first few moments are the most difficult. The tangled veil of opaque, obscure dreams falls away, leaving behind a weird psychic aftertaste of whatever goes on in our unconscious.I lie there, letting my thoughts gather velocity. The Enghavevej traffic flows past below at its sedate Copenhagen pace. I think about the past, and how easy it is to slip between that world and the world revealing itself to us now. One day, maybe, I will understand things more.

There was a moment yesterday when I thought I got it. But then that moment passed too and the world moved on. Maybe that’s all there is. Brief moments where we’re all in alignment and harmony reigns. Then something somewhere falls out of kilter and we’re all pitched back into the murk.

Now, it’s time for a shower. I can already feel the warmth of the sun through my window.

What will today bring?