Deathtrap on the wane?


Deathtrap, my beloved bike, may be on the way out. I bought him for just 650DKK when I first got here (15 months ago) and he’s been with me ever since. But age is catching up on him I think. In recent months I’ve had to fork out quite a lot on repairs and this morning the gears gave up the ghost. I wheeled him to the bike shop round the corner from work and now it’s just a question of waiting.

I really hope the chap thinks it’s worth repairing because losing Deathtrap will be like losing a limb. Your bike is an extension of your character in this city. They are the blood that pumps through Copenhagen’s veins, keeping people healthy and happy.

Yes, I could buy a new one but I have such a strong attachment to this one. It would feel like an act of infidelity.