Across the sea

A Chinese girl randomly Skyped me to ask about Denmark yesterday, reminding me of the Weezer song Across the sea where Rivers talks about the sweet letters he gets from an 18-year-old Japanese fan.

Anyway, Helen Tu is a 20-year-old assistant in a ‘trading company’ which apparently exports belts and bags to Denmark. She asked me how to pronounce the name Mie (one of her company’s clients) and what Danish people were like. For the past six months she had assumed that Mie was a man’s name and she couldn’t believe it when I explained otherwise.

After a while she asked how old I was. Apparently I’m the same age as some Chinese dude she talks to online and who she thinks she might be in love with, though ‘he doesn’t show interest in her interests so she doesn’t think he likes her’.

She sent me a link to his blog and asked what I thought of him. I explained that my Mandarin was a bit rusty so I couldn’t really form an opinion but that if she liked him she should tell him and arrange to meet. She promised to let me know what she decides.

Helen asked if I had a blog so I sent her the link but the Great Firewall of China wouldn’t let her open it. I told her that her government blocked many Western sites because it didn’t want its people to know too much about the outside world but she totally avoided the issue.

Later I asked if she liked living in China and she avoided that question too.